E- Parking is a company that was founded to develop and operate public parking garages that include and/or require automatic parking systems due to lack of space or land property in general.


The main objective is to create public parking garages in mayor cities, where parking opportunities are scarce or practically inexistent but much required.

To achieve this goal, E-Parking will be focusing mainly upon the acquisition of federal and local permits and concessions to use public land, streets or the sub terrain of public areas to develop such garages.


In doing so, E-Parking intents to create a prosperous business, an interesting investment opportunity for third party investors and offering the city and its inhabitants much needed parking spaces that are not otherwise obtainable.


E-Parking’s services include:

·         Search and research for new public parking hot-spots in mayor cities.

·         Development and design of automatic public parking garages.

·         Financial analysis and consultancy for business assessment of public parking garages.

·        Project management for shareholders and Investors in public parking garages.

·        Investment and funding research and acquisitions for public parking garages.

·        Solicitation and management with public bodies for permits and concessions of public parking garages.

·        Construction and supervision of automated public parking garages.

·        Operation and management of public parking garages.




The founders and partners of E-Parking were carefully and intelligently selected to integrate a multifunctional and multispecialty work group that has the capability of projecting and designing all public garages with an in-house team.


Our in-house expertise includes:


1.- Financial analysis.

2.- Legal consultancy.

3.- Solicitation with public bodies.

4.- Technical know-how of automated parking systems.

5.- Architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical design.



Contact Information:


Tel.: +52 (55) 53611998